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February 21, 2011

my 1st speach

 “Whenever you need some space , these my room you can take it.”  
This phrase I am referring to any pregnant teens that have problems in their life. Actually last few days, I have read a newspaper and I was interested in one of the news  that talk about establishing a school for pregnant teens.

    From my perspective, the existing of this type of school is not to influence students to do bad things. But it is more to humanity side.  These pregnant teens deserve a space for them to keep living without any interruption of bad influence.  This is good to avoid and teach them to not do any worse things anymore and make them realize about priority in life.

  For those who get pregnant from doing a free sex, we can use a brain wash using a soft skill or strict skill to realize them from keep doing sins.   Moreover, for those who get pregnant without her willingness, the school counselor can give advice to them and build their self confident to face the community.

  It is a waste if the government does not give another opportunity to these pregnant teens to continue their studies.  Because some of the pregnant teens has intelligent and still interested to continue her study, this school can be a place for them to finishing their study.People always make mistake and they can change. Why not we give them a chance to show their potential  and let they have a good future in their life.

so ni la die 1st speach for BEL 492 ak...tajok speach ni "school for pregnant teens"....pnt ak mnghafal nsb bek xde masalah time bg speach ni...Allhamdulillah settle gak satu speach..just tnggal 1 jew lg..

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